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Beautiful U Day.

Beautiful U Day 2004

Sustainability Forum, Coffman Union President's Room

Sustainability and U: Priorities, Practices, and Plans featured Professor Mary Guzowski speaking on sustainable architecture on campus, Dr. Dana Donatucci on University of Minnesota waste management practices, Dean Robert Elde on the Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment and Executive Vice Provost Al Sullivan speaking on the efforts to create a University Sustainability Policy. Dr. David Hamilton, interim vice president for Research, moderated the panel. There were approximately 28 attendees.


Washington Avenue Bridge Repainting

Senior vice president and provost Christine Maziar, vice president Kathleen O'Brien, and Goldy kicked off the event with Maziar making the "first swipe" of paint at 10am. Sherwin-Williams Paint Company sponsored the event by donating paint and some supplies.

Approximately 325 volunteers - students, staff, and faculty - came to repaint the Washington Avenue Bridge exterior panels a deep and lasting maroon. Work was completed in less than two hours, and many volunteers were "turned away", although they did have the chance to enjoy music by a wonderful steel drum band provided through Spring Jam!

In the weeks before Beautiful U Day, UM Construction, under the leadership of Tim Nelson, prepared the Bridge by replacing panels, painting the surrounding metal, and prepping the panels for painting. On Beautiful U Day, the professional painters, under the direction of Tom Elton, led teams of volunteers to their panels and gave them instruction. Stencils will be added by our professional Sign Shop painters to finish the bridge off.


Celebrating the Spirit of Caring in our Community, Van Cleve Park

A tree planting and dedication to honor the lives of Elizabeth Wencl, Amanda Speckien, and Brian Heiden brought approximately 50 attendees.

The South East Como Improvement Association; the Minnesota Student Association; the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, staff at Van Cleve Park, the MPRB Forestry Division; the University of Minnesota Facilities Management Landcare, and the Office of University Relations partnered to plan and carry out this event.

President Robert H. Bruininks and several other individuals spoke of hope, safety, and caring. After the speakers, individuals placed commemorative ribbons on the new tree. A plaque will be placed on a rock that will sit at the base of the tree later in the spring.


Storm Drain Stenciling, St. Paul Student Center

Sarita Storm Drain Stenciling.In order to raise storm water and watershed awareness, the University hosted a storm drain stenciling project as part of Earth Week and Beautiful U Day.

The event was part of the president's campus beautification initiatives. It is important to note that the entire St. Paul Campus discharges into one point - the Sarita Wetland. With a goal of involving more students, the Beautiful U Committee developed a design contest that was posted in the Art Department and the College of Human Ecology. The contest had only one parameter - the stencil must include the term 'Sarita'. Many amazing designs were submitted and the BU Committee selected the winning design by popular vote.

To kick off the BU Stencil Event, Scott Stulen, the artist, was publicly recognized for his design and received the prize money. Then, over 50 students, staff and faculty volunteered to paint his stencil across the campus. In total, almost 240 drains were stenciled in less than 2 hours. This event is a perfect example of the cross disciplinary coordination between students, faculty and staff.

Now that the storm drains are stenciled, the University's public is reminded on daily basis that the campus discharges into the Sarita Wetland. This increased awareness will eventually translate into water quality improvements as people pay more attention to the storm sewers and recognize that they all discharge to a protected wetland - Sarita.


Beautiful Classroom Challenge, 125 Science Classroom Building

Two teams of four students competed for prizes. Challenge included finding the most "deficiencies" (such as burned out bulbs, broken clock, etc.), cleaning chalkboards, and removing dirt from the backs of chairs. This campaign was launched to educate students on keeping classrooms clean and also as a recognition program for custodians for their roles in creating comfortable, clean and well maintained classroom environments.

The challenge was led by Facilities Management staffers Ruthann Manlet, Richard Flemmons, and Marvina Sanders. The audience consisted of several competitors and several staff members from Facilities Management.


Beautiful U Day Awards, 325 Science Classroom Building

Awards were given out to the winners of the Custodial Challenge by president Bruininks. Then vice president O'Brien, Steve Fitzgerald (director of Classroom Management) and associate vice president Steve Spehn gave out the following awards for beautification efforts on campus:

Beautiful Classroom Award: A partnership between Beautiful U Day and the Office of Classroom Management, begun in 2003, will continue with this honor for the custodial staff member or team that provides University of Minnesota students with classrooms that are clean and ready for use every day. Awarded in 2004 to Ford Hall (Building and Grounds workers Jack Ciupik, Bruce Uphus, and Greg Wessels).

Beautiful Building Award: Beautiful U Day continues the tradition of honoring those that keep our campus beautiful by inaugurating the Beautiful Building Award. Custodians are nominated by building contacts across campus, and winners are selected by the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. Awarded in 2004 to Child Development (Richard Flemmons and Dexter Williams).


Events in Conjunction with Beautiful U Day

Great Conversations, April 13
A conversation with Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, and Professor G. David Tilman from Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. A nearly packed house at Ted Mann Auditorium for this event.

Reuse Center Auction, April 29, May 3 and 4
Live, online auction of some of the best items available through the Reuse Center. The first day of the Auction went very well, according to Reuse Center coordinator Pete O'Keefe. For more information:

Inauguration of landscaping at Ralph Rapson Hall, April 28
A reception and exhibition opening celebrating the new landscaping plans for Ralph Rapson Hall. Nicely attended (approximately 35 individuals).

Unitree Program (ongoing)
Later in the spring, additional trees will be planted on campus and in the adjoining communities through the Unitree program.

Campus Cleanout, began April 23
A late entry to Beautiful U Day 2004, this process has just began in April and is ongoing.

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