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Beautiful U Day.

Beautiful U Day 2003

All University Lunch Celebration

Thank you to faculty and staff campaign donors

Faculty and staff at the U of M have long been the very heart of what makes this institution great. This has been shown yet again during Campaign Minnesota, when 11,000 faculty and staff made gifts. In honor of these contributions, the University held a special Beautiful U Day celebration. All students, staff and faculty were invited to Northrop Plaza and the St. Paul Mall area. The University Foundation held an event on the steps of Northrop where the President and Jerry Fisher spoke. Potted plants were given out to all donors as a thank you for their contribution to the University's campaign.


Beautiful Classroom Campaign

Honoring Our Campus Custodians

The Office for Classroom Management partnered with Facilities Management to kick-off the Beautiful Classroom Campaign in Appleby Hall. The campaign is an initiative created to recognize custodians for their role in creating a comfortable, clean and well-maintained classroom environment. The campaign is also an effort to encourage students to help keep the university's classrooms clean by throwing out the trash they bring into the classrooms. The Quad System was reintroduced in Appleby Hall, along with posters that encourage students to use the Quad System to recycle their trash.


Beautiful Classroom Campaign

Student/Custodian Challenge

As part of the Beautiful U Day activities, the Beautiful Classroom Campaign included a Student/Custodial Challenge. 16 students stepped up to see if they could tackle the daily tasks of a custodian. The students formed five groups. Each group was given a damage and deficiency report book to use as they set out to see which group could identify the most custodial deficiencies in room 125 of the Science Classroom Building.

Following a brief explanation of the role of the custodian, delivered by Richard Flemmons and Marvina Sanders, FM Custodians, a chalkboard cleaning competition began. First, an eager student leaped to the chalkboard to demonstrate his skills. After sponging and squeegeeing, leaving a puddle of water on the chalk tray, Richard Flemmons stepped in to demonstrate the proper chalkboard washing procedure. The brief tutorial was all the rest of the students needed as four of them took their turn at the board, trying to be the best chalkboard cleaner.

The students were very involved in the challenge and left with a t-shirt for their participation and a new appreciation for the work that is done by FM staff.


Beautiful Classroom Campaign

Classroom Achievement Award

First Annual Classroom Achievement Award Goes To…
Al Fors and Carlos Pinos, Custodians in Zone 5, are the first names to be placed on the Classroom Achievement Award. The award is a traveling trophy created by the Office of Classroom Management to recognize outstanding custodians.

Steve Fitzgerald, Director of Classroom Management, introduced the recognition program during the Beautiful U Day celebration on April 22. "No matter how well we do our jobs," says Fitzgerald, "it would be difficult for teachers to teach and difficult for students to learn if it wasn't for the good work that all of you do." Fitzgerald explained that custodians would be recognized on an annual basis. After thanking all of the custodians who attended the recognition ceremony for their hard work, he introduced Kathleen O'Brien, vice president for university services.

Vice President O'Brien also thanked all of the custodians for their work and reminded them of the important role they play in the operation of the University. She then joined Steve Fitzgerald, Marshall Skule and Ruthann Manlet in handing out awards to this year's outstanding custodians.

Al Fors and Carlos Pinos, affectionately known as "Popeye and Brutus," are the first to receive the Classroom Achievement Award for their outstanding custodial work in the Science Classroom Building. Fors, has been with the University since the 1970s. Recognized for the consistent cleanliness of his buildings, Fors is also known to be brutally honest when sharing his thoughts on continuous custodial improvement. This is where the nickname "Brutus" comes from. Fors also stepped forward, taking on the role of mentor to Carlos Pinos, showing him the ropes and sharing the tricks of the trade. This is why Pinos is also receiving this year's award.

Pinos, a native of Ecuador, came to FM in October of 2001. Working hard and doing a great job with Fors, it is noted that Pinos has "developed incredible chest and arm muscles." This is how Carlos has come to be known as "Popeye" to Fors' "Brutus." In addition to his outstanding custodial work, Pinos is recognized for his strong determination to succeed.

After recognizing Al and Carlos, Vice President O'Brien reminded the custodians in the audience that there is room on the plaque for their names in the years to come. She then presented certificates to: Jeff Jungmann, Jeff Wolf and Steve Stumne from Zone 1, Greg Walsh and Meron Samuel from Zone 2, Darin Wieland, Joel Jacobs and Rick Peka from Zone 3, Alonzo Thompson from Zone 4, Paul Goclon from Zone 5, Roy Byers, Jack Ciupik and Wayne Durst from Zone 6, and Josh Sheehan, Dadi Uni and Asegedech Weldgebriel from the Motli Crew, who were recognized for their outstanding custodial service.

Congratulations to all of our custodians who work hard each and every day to keep our campus clean.


Campus Landscaping Projects and Litter Pick-up

Beautifying the Exterior Campus

The Landcare crew led another successful landscape projects and campus litter collection campaign on Beautiful U Day. The Landcare crew plays an integral part in keeping the U Beautiful everyday!

Kudos to Les Potts, Jim Weber, Jim Blake, Doug Lauer, Steve Chichester, Mark Munkelwitz, Eric Gilsrud, Matt Babcock, Mark Hanson, Charles Patterson, Scott Melby and the entire Landcare crew for another job well done!

Thanks also goes out to those students, staff, and faculty who volunteered to help with the plantings.


Spring Jam Clean-up

University and Community Clean-up

The Annual Student Activities Celebration Spring Jam and Beautiful U Day came together for the first time as teams of student and community volunteers out doing various neighborhood spiff-up projects in the Dinkytown and Marcy-Holmes area.

Volunteers picked up trash and participated in graffiti removal on trash cans and street signs. Thanks to everyone who participated in this event!


Integrated Waste Management Facility Rededication

In honor of Fay Thompson

The University community was invited to attend a ceremony renaming the University’s Integrated Waste Management Facility in honor of former Director of Environmental Health and Safety Fay Thompson. Attendants joined President Robert Bruininks, Vice President of University Services Kathleen O’Brien, Executive Vice President and Provost Christine Mazier and others at a 2:00 p.m. rededication ceremony. Refreshments and tours of the facility followed the ceremony.


Other Beautiful U Day Events Taking Place the week of April 21st

Great Conversations
“Biotechnology and the Environment”
Balancing the safety of our food supply with ecological concerns presents one of the great challenges of the 21st century. U of M professor Dr. Anne Kapuscinski, internationally renowned for her work on the ecological risks of genetically engineered organisms, is the founding Director of the Institute for Social, Economic, and Ecological Sustainability. Margaret Mellon is one of the nation's most respected experts on biotechnology and food safety. She is Food and Environment Program Director at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington, D.C. and currently serves on the USDA's advisory committee on agricultural biotechnology. This event celebrated the 100th anniversary of the University's College of Natural Resources.

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Sustainability at the University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty, as well as members of the broader community, attended a one-day workshop to identify ways that the University can provide leadership in sustainable development through its teaching, as well as serve as an example of sustainability through its campus operations and community partnerships. Sustainable development is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

The workshop opened with a discussion by key University administrators on policies related to current sustainability efforts here on campus. This panel was followed by a keynote address by David Orr, a national leader in campus sustainability. Workshop participants provided suggestions for integrating sustainable development in teaching, campus operations, and community partnerships in breakout sessions. These recommendations were assembled into a report that will be offered to University Administration for consideration.

A Day of Wildlife In Film and Video
This event was a day-long film festival that blends selections from the museum's film archive with current award-winning documentaries from the International Wildlife Film Festival.

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