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Beautiful U Day.

Beautiful U Day 2001

Beautiful U Day 2001.Celebrating a more welcoming university

On Tuesday, September 25th, the 5th annual Beautiful U Day was celebrated. Beautiful U Day's focus this year was on creating a more welcoming University. Throughout the day, more than 450 volunteers painted, planted, and picked-up around campus. This year's theme, "A More Welcoming U" was reflected in activities to clean up and beautify University Avenue, a main entrance to the campus, which gives many visitors their first impression of the University.

PICKING UP LITTER along University Avenue between Interstate 35-W and Oak Street, or "from the freeway to the Gateway" was one of the main events on Tuesday. Many groups and organizations came out to be a part of this project, including the Dinkytown Business Association, the city of Minneapolis, University student groups and other volunteers from the University and surrounding areas.

VOLUNTEERS planted more than 20,000 bulbs on the Northrop Plaza. In addition, perennial plants were planted in plots along the University Avenue boulevard, which is an experiment to see how the plants fare in the salt and sand that is placed on the roads during the winter months.

THE DEDICATION of a new entrance marker, located at the University's entrance on East River Road and Oak Street was another main focus of the morning's events. President Yudof, University Services VP Eric Kruse, and Mike Cairl, VP of Ryan Companies, all had a few words to say. Ryan Companies constructed the marker and donated it to the University. The GAC squad was also there to form an honor guard with their dusters. In addition to Ryan Companies, Landcare, Signs & Graphics, Facilities Construction, and the project OR were cited for their contributions.

A RAIN GARDEN, a unique storm water management technique, was constructed on the St. Paul campus. The rain garden will filter storm water before it runs off into storm sewers, the Sarita Wetland, and eventually into the Mississippi River.

A FLAG RAISING CEREMONY was held at Donhowe Park, where three flag poles were installed. To close out the day, the University of Minnesota marching band participated in a tribute to our campus and our country on Northrop Mall. Volunteers and participants sang along as the American flag was stretched across Northrop Plaza to the sound of the band playing America the Beautiful.


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